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Rock Away Those Blues - LIVE
The Mighty House Rockers

Rock Away Those Bluses

When It All Comes Down:
(full) G2 Real Audio
(60 secs) 777KB

I Believe I'm In Love With You:
(full) G2 Real Audio
(60 secs) 925.7KB

(60 secs) G2 Real Audio
(60 secs) 924KB

Madison Bluses:
(full) G2 Real Audio
(60 secs) 924KB
Rock Away Those Blues LIVE - RLCD0102

Buy now: 9.50 (including VAT & P&P*)

Les Wilson - I was going to get another guitar for my 50th birthday - but then thought no I'm not that into guitars really. so what else would you do for your 50th except party out with a live album recording?! Can you remember yours well?!

      Track Listing
  1. Rock With Me (Kim Wilson)
  2. New Boogie (Les Wilson)
  3. When It All Comes Down (Jennings/Sample)
  4. What Am I To You (Norah Jones)
  5. Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White (Louiguy)
  6. I Hear You Knockin (J. Miller)
  7. I Believe I I'm In Love With You (Kim Wilson)
  8. Stop (Lonnie Mack)
  9. Keep It Simple (Keb Mo)
  10. Madison Bluses (Elmore James)
  11. Call My Job (Williams/Perkins)
  12. Don't Think Twice (Dylan)
  13. Feels Like Rain (John Hiatt)
  14. Just Can't Make It (Hound Dog Taylor)

Another Great Collection

Slide It On Over

Bayou Têche:
(full) G2 Real Audio
(30 secs) 502KB

San Diego Serenade:
(30 sec) G2 Real Audio
(30 secs) 474KB
Slide It On Over' - RLCD0101

Buy now: 9.50 (including VAT & P&P*)

Les Wilson - I'm sitting at my desk, way out in the west of Ireland, looking out to the mountains around Bantry Bay. An unseasonably late storm force ten is howling outside, and the electricity is off. It seems a long way from the towns and the cities, and a long way from the blues. Maybe that's why some of my songs came out differently this time around? Or maybe its the clock ticking? Whilst not over the hill just yet, I'm getting high enough up to have a pretty good view! But one thing is for sure - my guitar playing and singing is better than ever. There is some great stuff on this, the sixth Mighty Houserockers album. It is certainly the most varied.

      Track Listing
  1. I Know What I'm Doing 4:19
  2. We Still Got Time 4:21
  3. Why Get Up 3:57
  4. Move It On Over 2:42
  5. Call May Job 3:53
  6. Look At That 3:48
  7. Sad Song 5:40
  8. I Got It Made 3:57
  9. Gimme Back My Wig 4:16
  10. In The City 5:54
  11. Bayou Têche 4:09
  12. Final Call 4:17
  13. Chicken Banana 4:33
  14. I'm Coming Home 2:48
  15. Baby Please 3:14
  16. The Coffee Song 4:08
  17. San Diego Serenade 9:03

The Mighty Houserockers - BEST OF

A Ton Of Red Lightnin

Damn Right I Got The Blues:
(full) G2 Real Audio
(30 secs) 474KB

I'll Play The Blues For You:
(full) G2 Real Audio
(30 secs) 479KB

Madison Blues:
(full) G2 Real Audio
(30 secs) 471KB

Voodoo Child (slight return): (30 secs)
 G2 Real Audio
A Ton Of Red Lightnin' - RLCD0100

Buy now: 9.50 (including VAT & P&P*)

An album with dual purpose! Celebrating 20 years of Les Wilson and The Mighty Houserockers and the 100th release from Red Lightnin. All the favorite and most requested tracks from the Houserockers, culled from their four previous recordings newly re-mastered, plus some unissued tracks. A superlative example of Less virtuoso guitar playing. An absolute MUST for anyone who gets off on amazing, exploding, gut-wrenching, Blues guitar that moves your soul, and makes your feet jitter and liver quiver!!

      Track Listing
  1. Down But Not Out 4:31
  2. I'll Play The Blues For You 5:38
  3. Boogie For Elmore 2:57
  4. Nobody's Business 5:43
  5. I Believe I'm In Love With You 3:26
  6. Damm Right I Got The Blues 5:17
  7. Blue Light 4:47
  8. Can't Stop Lovin 3:02
  9. Sittin' On Top Of The World 4:24
  10. Chicken Banana 4:54
  11. Ain't Got Nobody 2:50
  12. Houserockin Blues 3:14
  13. Tell The Truth 5:17
  14. Lonely Nights 6:45
  15. Fine Lookin Woman 3:34
  16. Big City Blues 6:02
  17. Madison Blues 5:10

'Louisiana' Bob Kirkpatrick

Drive Across Texas

Remember: (30 secs)
 G2 Real Audio

Too Much Time: (30 secs)
 G2 Real Audio

Drove All Night: (30 secs)
 G2 Real Audio

Drive Across Texas: (30 secs)
 G2 Real Audio
Drive Across Texas - RLCD0099

Buy now: 9.50 (including VAT & P&P*)

Louisiana born Texan blues guitarist Bob Kirkpatrick's new release is a stunning example of modern blues at it's best. Tight, tough, loud, ballsy, but at all times, reminiscent in sound and feel of 1950's Texan and West Coast blues that we all grew up with and loved! 
Try it, you will NOT be disappointed!!

      Track Listing
  1. Remember - short version 2:30
  2. Different Strokes 2:30
  3. She's in love 2:50
  4. Too much time 3:45
  5. Born in Lousiana 4:05
  6. Been around too long 4:45
  7. I did her wrong 3:43
  8. Dallas woman 3:05
  9. Drove all night 4:00
  10. A room by yourself 3:50
  11. We'll be O.K. 2:05
  12. Please don't waste my time 3:18
  13. Drive Across Texas 3:22
  14. Tried so hard (to leave you) 2:37
  15. Remember - long version 5:25
  16. Black night - bonus track 4:30

'Death Blues'

The Enemy Within

Monkey Blues: (30 secs)
 G2 Real Audio

Death Gonna Get You: (30 secs)
 G2 Real Audio

Burial At Sea: (30 secs)
 G2 Real Audio

Water Of Fire: (30 secs)
 G2 Real Audio
The Enemy Within - RLCD0098

Buy now: 9.50 (including VAT & P&P*)

The second outing from The Enemy Within ( the first being "Two Greens Make A Blues", featuring both Peter and Mick Green among others RLCD0087 ), the theme of this disc is all aspects of death! With both Gypie Mayo and Ed Deane on guitars, the music can best be described as Captain Beefheart on Acid meets the Mississippi Delta, while shades of Ry Cooder, Muddy Waters and Dr. John abound.
Be brave - be Big - Buy a copy !! 21st Century Blues Now!

      Track Listing
  1. Monkey Man 2:41
  2. Death Gonna Get you 2:45
  3. Burial At Sea 4:44
  4. Water Of Fire 3:49
  5. So Bad The Blues 2:49
  6. Born To Suffer 4:47
  7. Pig Memorial 2:18
  8. Since I Am Dying 6:27
  9. How Happy We Will Be (trad.) 2:13
  10. Walk The Plank 1:33
  11. Live To Die 1:21
  12. Marwnad Yr Ehedydd (trad.) 1:59
  13. Blue State Blues 4:22
  14. Chinnese White Boy 3:28



Damn Right I Got The Blues: (30 secs)
 G2 Real Audio

I'll Play The Blues For You: (30 secs)
 G2 Real Audio

Madison Blues: (30 secs)
 G2 Real Audio

Voodoo Child (slight return): (30 secs)
 G2 Real Audio
Featuring Les Wilson
On The Road - RLCD0097

But now: 9.50 (including VAT & P&P*)

After 25 years of playing the blues Les Wilson is recognised as the UK's No.1 slide guitarist and one of the unsung heroes of British Blues Guitar. Reflecting the kick-ass style of Hound Dog Taylor, George Thorogood, Buddy Guy, Albert King, Jimi Henrix and many others, this new, live release by the Houserockers truly represents the fire, guts and feel that make their gigs a memorable and exiting experience to be savoured.

      Track Listing
  1. In The Open 6:51
  2. How Many Tears 7:11
  3. Crazy 'bout An Automobile 4:49
  4. Fire 3:36
  5. Damn Right I Got The Blues 5:22
  6. I'll Play The Blues For You 7:13
  7. Houserockers Boogie Woogie 5:52
  8. Ain't Nobody's Business 5:50
  9. Madison Blues 5:17
  10. Voodoo Child ( slight return ) 6:55
  11. Star Spangled Banner 2:45
  12. Purple Haze 4:31
  13. Get A Hair Cut 6:16

* Price includes postage for the UK only. For other countries please email for details

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